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Topics in the 60's

Vietnam war

So what was the Vietnam War about?


The vietnam was was fought over North Korea tried to overthrow Southern Korea's government. China teams up with North Vietnam and supported and supplied them with weapons and forces. Thats when America Stepped in. We sent over 500,000 troops over to souther vietnam during the whole war.

America was not prepared to battle on the Vietnam frontier. Over 90% of Vietnam is covered in thick jungle infested territory. America sent troops over to Vietnam when the temperature was blazing and the humidity unbearable. American troops were not prepared to fight under the conditions they were set under.


All in all we lost many soldiers to the war. Many were wounded, and others have bad flashbacks. America ended up in a stalemate. We did defend Southern Vietnam from the Viet cong. Southern Vietnam today is not currently under the communist power.

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