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Topics in the 60's

Sports in the 60's

Throughout the sixties there were many great athletes who made an impact on the sports world. The two most knows names that made it big in the sixies were Muhamad Ali and Wilt Chamberlain.

Muhamad Ali was a world famos heavyweight boxer. Also known as Cassis Clay Jr. Over Muhamad Ali's career he had a 56-5 record with 37 knockouts and 19 successful title defenses. He became a boxer in 1960. He was a 10 time heavyweight world champ. Muhamad Ali was very poor and had a hard time growing up.

Another great athlete was Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt Chamberlain was a famous basketball player. He played for the 76ers. Many people viewed Wilt as the greatest basketball player who ever played. Many people also called him the "unstoppable force." He was the only person ever to score over 4000 points in a single season. He also holds many other records and has been inducted into the basketball hall of fame. When he retired he led the NBA league with a career total 34,419 points.

There were many different athlkete during the 1960's. They were never half as good as Wilt Chamberlain or Muhamad Ali.

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